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Quotes A few years ago I started getting terrible headaches and neck pain and a shooting pain down my right arm. The neurologist did an MRI and discovered a problem with a few of my vertebrae. After having tried many physios without success and travelling many miles on a weekly basis to try help the pain, I finally had enough. I Googled physio practices in my area and found Roxanne's practice right up the road from my house! I thought I'd give it a try and Thank Gd I did! Kirsty has been seeing me now for a few months and has helped tremendously. I don't know what I did before I met her! Thank you Kirsty for always being there to help me out, for your endless patience, focused care, warm manner and amazing treatment sessions! Quotes
Ricci-Lee Stern (2013)

Quotes I have struggled with my back since an accident in 1999. I have seen lots of physios. The physios at Roxanne Ashkar Physiotherapy have found that rare balance between absolute professionalism and a personal touch that allows me to derive the maximum benefit from treatment. I have complete faith in Roxanne Ashkar and Kirsten Petersen as physios and as people. Quotes
Shirley Fodor (2013)

Quotes It was a busy, tomboy kind of life I grew up with! The 7 th of 8 children , living on a large property ,we had horses that I fell off ,cows that I chased ,and beautiful big trees I could scramble up but unfortunately also fall down from! Years later a car accident left me with a certain amount of whiplash . Age and old injuries do not bode well... About 3 years ago I found a physiotherapist tucked away on the 1st floor of Thrupps shopping centre. It was here under the fantastic hands of Roxy and her team of therapists that this stiff, immobile, sore and injured neck of mine began to heal. With expert hands - (and the treatment here is very hands on) my neck was massaged ,the spasms and knots that developed overnight are always reduced and relieved. The therapists knowledge of muscles, tendons and bone structure is unparalleled . If you have any injured part of your body that needs attention- this is your little place of help!!! Quotes
Isme Rossi (2011)
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